I first joined the Xfce development team back in 2008. Introducing a new package which is Xfce Power Manager. At that time Xfce lacked a power manager. Later I started working on a multimedia player based on the GStreamer framework, giving birth to Parole Media Player. Then had little to no time at all to contribute to these two projects.

They are currently very well maintained and improved (a lot) by Sean M. Davis, Simon and Eric Koegel. Eric did wonderful work on the Power manager, where Parole is continuously improved by Sean and Simon with each new release.

Currently I actively maintain two of the core components of the Xfce desktop:

  • Xfconf Xfce configuration storage system, originally written by Brian J. Tarricon
  • TumblerĀ  daemon bus (D-BUS) service for applications to request thumbnails for various files, see ThumbnailerSpec. Originally written by Jannis Pohlmann.

I have a couple of ideas for new Xfce goodies, I hope they will soon see the light, stay tuned!

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