Tumbler 0.1.32 released

I’m happy to announce a bugfix of tumbler from the stable branch (xfce-4.12). This release addresses a couple of critical bugs (#13618 and #13360) as well as other small fixes and translation updates. Users of tumbler 0.1.31 are encouraged to upgrade.

Fix a typo in tumbler.rc for the ffmpeg thumbnailer name, and the following bugfixes

#13360 don’t close GdkPixbufLoader on error (causes sigabrt)
#13618 avoid loading specialized tumbnailers twice on system with duplication path entry in $XDG_DATA_HOME (causes assertion failure)
#13240 fix typo in exif tag for image height
#13201 fix finding of libopenraw-0.1.0

Translation updates
sk: Jeremy Whiting (100%)
fr: Yannick Le Guen (100%)